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Despicable Truth

The matter I bring you is a short documentary, showcased by The NY Times and directed by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin, depicting the model scouting occurring in Siberia, Russia. For the families’ of these young girls that often struggle for money, having their child earning an awful lot of money and having the privilege of traveling to some of the most remote and yet beautiful sites,  is an excellent way to help their family and increase their life’s quality.

The issue presented here is mainly the fact their ages circle around 13-15 years old. A male model scout at some point states that girls at this age are easily to “command” when compared to 16-18 because “they have too much stuff in their head”. Basically what he’s expressing is that he wants to work with girls of this age range since he can work them like puppets. At 16-18 their brain is totally developed, so they are keen to make judgments and have more autonomy. That’s what the model scouts intend to avoid. When the female model scout affirms that at 18 years old they are done as models is not exactly truth. A person that have a mere interest on the fashion industry could, without ease, acknowledge that are many models nowadays doing runway or/and editorial work are over 18, and many between 20-24.

Usually when a small percentage of the teenagers (as stated in the video) get a modeling contract and go abroad, their family won’t afford to follow and provide them some support. Since they are very young and yet to earn experience they’ll be exposed to all sorts of bad influences and bad people that want to take advantage of them.

It’s appalling how comfortable these models scouts are on doing these castings and expressing their twisted thoughts about their “work”. A deep dark hole yet to be filled in the small fashion world.

 Watch here: Siberian Fashion Model Casting – OpDocs: Scouted

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